Why I Don’t Set Reading Goals

As a twenty-four year old with a full-time job and zero babies, it’s hard for me to challenge myself with how many books I’m able to pick up during any downtime. Admittedly, there are a lot of days where I don’t want to read and instead, choose to Netflix Friends… Again.

That’s not to say that reading goals aren’t helpful. Some people are talented enough to knock out 200 books in a year, but if I’m lucky, I get to finish one book every two months. This wasn’t always the case as I have a past history of knocking out my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal. That was also in college when I (in hindsight) had way more time than I do now.

The feed of declining progress on Goodreads is more stressful than encouraging. You’re 15 books behind. Great. But in college, that was my motivation. I started reading to beat the number so I could proudly say I had read xxx amount of books; when in reality, only x actually stayed with me. I think a lot of this stemmed from the need to be included in the growing community. Monthly Booktube videos were always about wrap-ups. How many books they had read, which ones they liked, what they planned on reading next. I thought in order to be included, I had to beat the numbers. I had to try to get on their level to have any right to say I belong. That I am a reader.

But I am a reader. 200 or just 2. The number of books you read doesn’t have to quantify how much of a true reader you are, even if most of your library is unopened.


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