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The Folk of the Air series consists of three books: The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, and The Queen of Nothing (as of 2019).


We follow Jude Duarte, a mortal human who witnessed her mother and father’s murder at the soft age of seven. She is swept up into the fae world by her parent’s murderer/half-sister’s father and is forced to live inferior among the fae. As she grows up, she becomes more determined to show her strength regardless of what other’s opinions are of her, especially Carden, the son of the High King and bane of her existence.


Jude soon takes up a tricky position that swallows her into the palace intrigue and forces her to take action in order to protect her family and all of Faerie.

It’s a wild ride going into Holly Black’s world, like a roller coaster that never stops looping backwards. No one is safe from plot twists. In simpler terms, it’s a love/hate story. Jude loves and hates her foster father. Loves and hates the fae world. Loves and hates Carden, son of the High King (😏).

Holding The Wicked King in my hands for the first time. 😭😭😭
Casually meeting Holly Black at Parnassus Books.

Let’s talk about my favorite part of her books: the characters.


✨ Jude ✨

Jude is the protagonist I’ve always wanted. She’s the anti-Feyre. Instead of being a mortal human despising the fae world and trying to escape, Jude desperately wants to be included, despite her “inferior rank.” The fae’s words, not mine. Humans are taunted and fooled, and Jude will have none of it. She is motivated and resilient; restless and ambitious. She’s the kind of girl who I would buy drinks for simply because she deserves a damn break.


✨ Carden ✨

If you’ve ever met a total asshole who somehow makes your heart melt just a little, you’ve met Carden. He’s the most triggered character when it comes to Jude, and it’s almost precious how clueless he is when he isn’t bullying her. I’m not completely on the Carden train just yet because who the frick knows what’s in his head, but I am rooting for him. In a world where all you are is cruel, Carden’s pretty low grade in comparison [see Locke].


✨ Madoc ✨

AKA: the Daddy Issue. I actually really love Madoc. He’s the most bitter character but holy cow, I cannot turn away a good morally questionable father figure. Everything about Jude’s confusion on how to feel for him is legitimate because this dude makes it hard to hate him. He’s in it for him and his.


✨ Taryn ✨

Jude’s twin and complete opposite. I don’t think there’s a single moment where I’ve ever liked her past the first couple chapters of The Cruel Prince. She is so different and unlikable. Her decisions hurt other people because she is so caught up on her life and making sure she fits in. She lacks pride in herself or her blood. She’s a buttface, but she isn’t THE buttface.


✨ Locke ✨

The buttface. I want to see Locke pummeled. Locked up. Dipped in molten gold and left to be a decoration in one of the many fae parties without any ability to talk or escape or enjoy anything. Because he’s a statue. Locke is arguably the same retrograde as Tamlin. The only difference is he knows he’s an asshole, which makes it even worse. That’s all I’m going to give him. Carden can do better. thank u, next

Overall, I highly recommend this series for any fantasy loving booknerd. I gave The Cruel Prince a 5/5 stars and The Wicked King a 4/5. I think TCP was a little more well rounded in terms of plot pacing and character growth, but TWK was enjoyable nonetheless.

The Queen of Nothing is set to be released in 2020. Let me cry alone please.

The Cruel Prince


The kickstarter to a gamechanging fae world narrative. Prepare for a book coma.

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The Wicked King


If you couldn’t believe in more treachery and trickery, this one will shock you.

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The Queen of Nothing

“Don’t care how, I want it now!”
—Veruca Salt

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